New Croton Dam Construction, 1896

This detailed engraving shows the New Croton Dam when it was under construction in 1896. The image was commissioned for the cover of the October 17th issue of Scientific American magazine to accompany an article entitled "New York Water Supply—Present Condition of Work on the Great Croton River Dam." Christopher Tompkins, author of The Croton Dams … Continue reading New Croton Dam Construction, 1896

New Croton Dam Construction Plan, 1898

By any measure, the New Croton Dam is an engineering marvel. For 14 years (from 1892 to 1906) 1,500 men used more than 500 pieces of heavy machinery, 745,000 barrels of cement, 100,000 tons of coal and an incalculable quantity of locally quarried stone to build the dam.  How did they do it? These images … Continue reading New Croton Dam Construction Plan, 1898

New Croton Aqueduct Map, 1884

This is a detail of the Croton area from the map The Route of the New Aqueduct from Central Park to Croton Dam . . . prepared by the Aqueduct Commission in 1884. The route of the new aqueduct tunnel is the dark straight line, running diagonally across the bottom from Croton Dam. One of … Continue reading New Croton Aqueduct Map, 1884

Croton Water Parade Float, 1909

Post card of the Introduction of the Croton Water float in the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration parade in New York City.

New Croton Dam Cigarette Card

Will's Cigarettes card of the New Croton Dam. (ca. 1902-1917) Another card from the same company is here.

New Croton Dam Compared to the Flatiron Building, 1911

An informative graphic from the Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, October 7, 1911.

Croton Area in an Early NYC Transit Map, 1887-1890s

A detail from an early New York City regional transit map, made between 1887 and the 1890s. What's particularly interesting about this map is that it shows the "Quaker Bridge Dam," one of the possible locations for what became the New Croton Dam. In the late 19th century, when New York City was rapidly outgrowing … Continue reading Croton Area in an Early NYC Transit Map, 1887-1890s