Another Mystery of the Rum Plane

On May 15, 1922, when the Rum Plane crashed in Croton with 250 quarts of Canadian Scotch, it attracted the attention of the police, the press and curious Crotonites. An article in the New York Times reported that when the Westchester County police reached the wrecked plane they found “country folk grouped about the battered remains … Continue reading Another Mystery of the Rum Plane

Croton Area in 1908

Details of the Croton area in 1908 from the Atlas of the rural country district north of New York City embracing the entire Westchester County, New York . . . Compiled from maps on file and surveyors notes and data, maps from actual surveys furnished by individual owners & final field observations by our own … Continue reading Croton Area in 1908

Croton Area Topographic Map, 1891

Details of the Croton Area from Julius Bien's Atlas of the Metropolitan District and adjacent country comprising the counties of New York, Kings, Richmond, Westchester . . . Published by Julius Bien & Co. New York. 1891.