A Croton River Disaster—197 Years Ago Today

As the weather in Croton gets warmer and we rejoice that the snow and ice are finally melting, let’s look back to a time when the Croton River ran wild and spring thaws would often bring massive freshets—river floods caused by heavy rain and/or melted snow and ice. On Tuesday, March 10, 1818—exactly 197 years … Continue reading A Croton River Disaster—197 Years Ago Today

Underhill Bible—on eBay!

A seller on eBay is currently offering—and has graciously allowed us to feature—a bible bearing the bookplate of Abraham I. Underhill, one of the three Underhill brothers who started the flour mill on the Croton River in 1792, under a lease from the Van Cortlandt family. 1 The bible contains a handwritten page recording Abraham … Continue reading Underhill Bible—on eBay!

Furnace Brook, 1868

Detail from the Town of Cortlandt map from Atlas of New York and vicinity ... by F.W. Beers, published by Beers, Ellis & Soule, New York, 1868. The entire atlas is available online at David Rumsey.

High Bridge

High Bridge was built in 1842, with timbers from the Adirondacks, floated down the Hudson to the site. Spanning the Croton River between Van Cortlandt Manor and Quaker Bridge, High Bridge was 100 feet long, perched 60 feet above river. It was used until 1879, when it fell into the river. The photo above is … Continue reading High Bridge