Motoring Across the Croton, 1912

It’s a beautiful day and you’ve decided to take a jaunt in your newfangled automobile, going north along the scenic Hudson River. You can’t count on good, well-marked roads, so you’ve brought along the GPS system of the day—a copy of Photo-auto maps . . . New York to Albany which features “photographs of every … Continue reading Motoring Across the Croton, 1912

Albany Post Road Through Croton, 1789

Plates 9 and 10 from A Survey of the Roads of the United States of America by Christopher Colles. 1789, showing the Albany Post Road going through Croton. Plate 9, on the top, right side shows the road crossing the Croton River at the Van Cortlandt ferry, continuing north on plate 10. The numbers indicate … Continue reading Albany Post Road Through Croton, 1789

Albany Post Road Milestones

This photo shows the Albany Post Road milestone, located at the intersection of Albany Post Road and the southern entrance ramp to Route 9 (where Hilltop Farm is today). It is unlikely that this is the original location of the marker. For a map showing the locations of the markers, see this post.