Albany Post Road Through Croton, 1789


Plates 9 and 10 from A Survey of the Roads of the United States of America by Christopher Colles. 1789, showing the Albany Post Road going through Croton.

Plate 9, on the top, right side shows the road crossing the Croton River at the Van Cortlandt ferry, continuing north on plate 10. The numbers indicate the position of the post road mile markers.

On plate 10, mile marker 40 was next to Bethel Cemetery. The split in the road just beyond it is the middle of the village (the stoplight in front of Robbins’ Pharmacy) with the road marked “to Crompond” being Grand Street going toward Mt. Airy.

Marker 41 is the area where the post road intersects Brook Street (marked “to River”). The “Haynes” house still exists and is said to be the oldest house in Croton.

Marker 42 is where Skyview is today. The note “Fine View of N. River” refers to the “North River”, the 18th century name for the Hudson.

Scans of all the maps in the Colles book are available at

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