The Mystery of the Lost High Bridge Watch

On January 17, 1883 the Troy Daily Times ran an ad for a lost watch that will quicken the heart of anyone fascinated by High Bridge, the covered wooden bridge that once soared above the Croton River. LOST—A small sized hunting cased, gold English watch. On the upper case is an engraving of High Bridge, … Continue reading The Mystery of the Lost High Bridge Watch

Croton Area “Driving & Wheeling” Map, 1892

A detail from Colton's driving & wheeling map of the country twenty-five miles north of the city of New York. G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. 312 Broadway, New York, 1892. A note in red above the title says: "These maps are particularly intended for the use of Sportsmen, Wheelmen, and Driving Parties, and we respectfully … Continue reading Croton Area “Driving & Wheeling” Map, 1892

High Bridge

High Bridge was built in 1842, with timbers from the Adirondacks, floated down the Hudson to the site. Spanning the Croton River between Van Cortlandt Manor and Quaker Bridge, High Bridge was 100 feet long, perched 60 feet above river. It was used until 1879, when it fell into the river. The photo above is … Continue reading High Bridge

Ward Carpenter Survey of the Lower Croton River, 1871

Annotated detail from the survey "The Easterly shore line of the Croton River, from Deer Island to Crawbucky Point, Ward Carpenter & Sons, 1871". Click the images to enlarge them.