Croton Area “Driving & Wheeling” Map, 1892


A detail from Colton’s driving & wheeling map of the country twenty-five miles north of the city of New York. G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. 312 Broadway, New York, 1892. A note in red above the title says:

“These maps are particularly intended for the use of Sportsmen, Wheelmen, and Driving Parties, and we respectfully request that any errors or omissions which may be noticed, or other Suggestions for their improvement, shall be at once reported to us, that they may be incorporated into future editions. We especially desire names of creeks and ponds and information respecting new roads, etc.”

Note the Iron Works & Rolling Mill at the site of High Bridge, between the mouth of the river and Quaker Bridge.

The entire map is available at David Rumsey.

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