A Croton River Disaster—197 Years Ago Today

As the weather in Croton gets warmer and we rejoice that the snow and ice are finally melting, let’s look back to a time when the Croton River ran wild and spring thaws would often bring massive freshets—river floods caused by heavy rain and/or melted snow and ice. On Tuesday, March 10, 1818—exactly 197 years … Continue reading A Croton River Disaster—197 Years Ago Today

Croton Area, 1778-1780

Detail from an engraving based on one of Robert Erskine's military maps, showing the Croton Area in 1778-1780. The full map is below. Since this was produced for military purposes it notes the location of Cortlandt Furnace (as well as the Sing Sing silver mine). This copy was printed and folded into Washington Irving's multi-volume … Continue reading Croton Area, 1778-1780

Cortlandt Furnace

A photo of the Cortlandt Furnace on Furnace Brook—though by the time this photo was taken it had long since ceased to be used as an iron furnace. Here is an account of the furnace from Robert Bolton's History of Westchester, published in 1848: “In the vicinity of Boscobel house is situated the small hamlet … Continue reading Cortlandt Furnace