Ward Carpenter Survey of the Lower Croton River, 1871


Annotated detail from the survey “The Easterly shore line of the Croton River, from Deer Island to Crawbucky Point, Ward Carpenter & Sons, 1871”. Click the images to enlarge them.


One thought on “Ward Carpenter Survey of the Lower Croton River, 1871

  1. Great old map for this old student of Crotonville history. The (Van Cortland) “tenant’s house” I remember as Palmer residence was likely demolished soon after Rockefeller bought Manor; Oscar Haines may have been a commercial fisherman related to fisherman Walter Haines I remember living there in 1940s; wharf shown near bridge was, in my day, “Slater’s Landing,” where land surveyor / historian Arthur Slater moored a house boat. Several other notable featuresalso shown on map.
    – Sincere thanks for your on-going historical contributions, Tom Neff

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