Underhill Bible—on eBay!

Picture 2

A seller on eBay is currently offering—and has graciously allowed us to feature—a bible bearing the bookplate of Abraham I. Underhill, one of the three Underhill brothers who started the flour mill on the Croton River in 1792, under a lease from the Van Cortlandt family. 1

The bible contains a handwritten page recording Abraham Underhill’s marriage “in a publick Meeting of the people called Quakers at Croton in the Town of Cortlandt, the 19th day of the 12th month, 1805 according to the order of the said society,” along with the birth of their son, Edward Burrough Underhill, four years later.

Picture 3

Also included is something odd, which the seller describes as “a folded paper in an unknown hand, possibly shorthand.”

Picture 4

Here is a link to the item. If you buy it, please let me know.

UPDATE! We alerted the Westchester County Historical Society that this was available and are happy to report that they have purchased it for their collection. If they manage to decipher the “paper in an unknown hand” they have promised to let us know.

  1. Details about Abraham Underhill and his family can be found on this page of Underhill genealogy, edited by Josephine C. Frost, volume 2, The Underhill Society of America, 1932.

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