The Grape King of Croton Point

These two prints, from U.P. Hedrick's, The Grapes of New York, published in 1908, show the grapes that made Richard T. Underhill famous as the "Grape King." Underhill began his vineyard by planting European varieties of grapes he purchased in Brooklyn from AndrĂ© Parmentier, a wealthy, educated Belgian who came to America to escape the … Continue reading The Grape King of Croton Point

Underhill Vineyard Advertising

This ad for "Croton" and "Senasqua" grapes appeared in the October, 1870 issue of The American Agriculturist. Link to Google Books. This one is from the October, 1842 issue of the same publication. Link to Google Books. This is from the December 1871 issue of Our Home Journal, published in New Orleans. Link to Google … Continue reading Underhill Vineyard Advertising