Hudson River Sights by Walt Whitman

A short prose piece by Walt Whitman from his 1882 collection Specimen Days & Collect. It was a happy thought to build the Hudson river railroad right along the shore. The grade is already made by nature; you are sure of ventilation one side—and you are in nobody’s way. I see, hear, the locomotives and … Continue reading Hudson River Sights by Walt Whitman

What a Delightful Ride

Anyone who takes Metro-North’s Hudson River Line is struck by the beauty of the river, particularly in the evening when the sun is setting over the Palisades. Although it’s difficult to imagine, this trip has made an impression on travelers for more than 160 years. Here’s one account of the passage up the river, through … Continue reading What a Delightful Ride

Hudson Valley Echoes, Issue #1

Below is issue 1 of Theodore J. Cornu's extraordinary hand-drawn, hand-lettered, self-published journal, Hudson Valley Echoes. When the publication opens you can click on the pages and enlarge them. The embedded viewer uses Flash, so if you don't see it below because your device doesn't support Flash, you can click here. Issues 2 to 4 … Continue reading Hudson Valley Echoes, Issue #1

Croton Map, 1824

Details (from two different sources) of the Croton section of Map of the Hudson between Sandy Hook & Sandy Hill with the Post Road between New York and Albany, published in 1824.

Hudson River view from Sunshine Terrace

Postcard showing the view from Sunshine Terrace. The land jutting out into the Hudson from the left is the northern tip of Croton Point. Text on the back reads: Ann Robinson's Sunshine Terrace Rest—Sunshine—Diet 120 Old Post North Croton-on-Hudson, New York Telephone Croton 1-3695

View from Sing-Sing by Jaques Milbert

"Sing-Sing or Mount Pleasant" by Jaques Milbert A print from Milbert's 1828 book, Itinéraire pittoresque du fleuve Hudson et des parties latérales de l'Amérique du Nord, looking north from Sing-Sing. Croton Point can be seen jutting into the river from the right in the middle of the image. The French artist toured the Hudson River … Continue reading View from Sing-Sing by Jaques Milbert

Old Meets New, 1927

A Roaring Twenties dame waves to Henry Hudson on the cover of this 1927 issue of Westchester County Fair which seems to have been a suburban knock-off of the New Yorker.

Hudson River at Croton Point by Julie Hart Beers

Julie Hart Beers Hudson River at Croton Point, 1869 Oil on canvas

Hudson River North to Croton Point by Robert Havell Jr.

Robert Havell Jr. Hudson River North to Croton Point circa 1850s Oil on canvas, 60x 46 inches framed Ossining Historical Society Museum