A Delightful Place to Dine

This vintage post card of the Nikko Inn is interesting for several reasons. Given the high cost of color printing at beginning of the 20th century, the fact that this is printed in black-and-white indicates that it was probably a local production—not a card issued by a major publisher. The back side confirms this because … Continue reading A Delightful Place to Dine

The Motorist’s Playground

Here are ads for three Croton "road houses" from the June 12, 1921 issue of the New-York Tribune. They were part of a full page ad for Westchester hotels and restaurants that appeared under a banner reading "Westchester County, the Motorist's Playground, 900 Miles of Good Roads." It's hard to imagine what driving was like … Continue reading The Motorist’s Playground

Nikko Inn, Harmon, N.Y.

Nikko Inn (aka "The Japanese Tea House") back in the early days when real estate developer Clifford B. Harmon was modestly advertising his new community as “HARMON, the New City on the Hudson—the most important and extensive suburban development in the history of New York.”