Bowery Bridge below New Croton Dam


The wooden work bridge, built across the Croton River near today’s Route 129. The bridge was used to move men and supplies from the docks at Croton Landing up to the New Croton Dam worksite. The buildings along the water were the small workers community known as The Bowery.

Below is another view of the Bowery, looking north toward the dam, which can be seen in the distance. The label on the card incorrectly refers to the “Quaker Bridge Dam”, which was one of several locations considered before the Cornell farm site was chosen.


One thought on “Bowery Bridge below New Croton Dam

  1. I love Croton history especially information about the dam. Now that there are local presentations I no longer live in the area , but I so enjoy posts from kindred spirits. Count me in. Great post. I see that I have my reading list before me.

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