Brook Street


Postcard of Brook Street, circa 1907-1930.

One thought on “Brook Street

  1. Hello,
    In 1963-1973 my family lived at 32 Brook st. Croton on Hudson.
    I love this photo and I think I can see the house. It’s on right side of photo, the porch is seen. It’s the house before the big white building at the very top of road.
    Thank you for all the history of Croton. I never knew how important Brook st was.
    If there is any history attached to 32 Brook street, I would love to know who originally lived there. Did someone pass away in the home? I ask because as children we would see a preminission on a wall in the upstairs bathroom. It’s hard to explain, yet I will say this.. We were not afraid..
    If there is anything I can order I will.
    Thank you again.

    Margaret polito Vossler
    11876 Galena ave.
    Fountain valley, CA 92708
    Any info

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