The “Mannor of Cortland,” 1779


Detail from the 1779 map titled “A chorographical map of the Province of New-York in North America, divided into counties, manors, patents and townships; exhibiting likewise all the private grants of land made and located in that Province; compiled from actual surveys deposited in the Patent Office at New York, by order of His Excellency Major General William Tryon, by Claude Joseph Sauthier, Esqr. Engraved and published by William Faden.”

There are several notable features of this map:

  • Although generally accurate, there are several errors and distortions. For example, look at the location of White Plains relative to Ossining and Bedford.
  • “Croton Bridge” is actually Pines Bridge and is several miles west of where it should be.
  • This is one of the few maps to show “New Bridge,” the short-lived Revolutionary War bridge that was built near the mouth of the Croton River.

The complete map can be found at the Library of Congress.

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