Croton Reservoir in Central Park, 1865


A detail from an exquisite map of Central Park, published in 1865. The map appeared in A picturesque Guide through the whole Park showing all the improvements up to June 1865, published by L. Prang, Boston.

The reservoir was drained in 1931 and filled with excavation material from Rockefeller Center and the Eighth Avenue subway. Today it is the site of the Great Lawn.

The full map can be seen at the David Rumsey Map Collection.


2 thoughts on “Croton Reservoir in Central Park, 1865

  1. I have an identical map found in Cape Cod where lots of New Yorkers have Summer Homes, in 2018, My mape, however, does not have the top 2 lines of the title. Mine shows, instead, another company name, Brattle Press Inc on the right side corner bottom. The margins are 40mm (Top, Bottom) and 35mm (Left, Right). The paper is of typical rugged old 19C fiber,I can tell. but, in good condition, slightly yellowed, but, not thin. Do you think this map/plan was featured in another press for mass production, or circulated for purchase for the visitors to the park in that period in 19th Century?

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