Croton Point, 1924


These photos are from the 1924 Report of the Westchester County Park Commission, published a year after the county acquired the land. The history of recreational use of Croton Point is described on the website:

Organized recreational use of Croton Point began about 1900 when Judge Decker of Croton leased the beach area and began the Croton Point Club. Summer bungalows were built and in 1923 the “Croton Point Park” was open featuring dancing, swimming, and other amusements. On July 2, 1923 the Westchester Board of Supervisors purchased the park and opened a limited area to the public. They replaced a group of shacks known as “tent city” with baseball fields, and the dance hall with a camp for children on the plateau overlooking the Hudson River at Squaw Cove. During the 1930s an emergency airplane landing strip with a 214-foot runway was built in the ball field area.

Thanks to the Oechsner Archive for these vintage photos.

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