Selling Harmon

Clifford B. Harmon was a master of real estate marketing. He was responsible for 256 subdivisions in 26 cities in the United States during the early 20th century, including the section of Croton that was originally called Harmon-on-Hudson.

Here are a selection of newspaper ads for Harmon-on-Hudson, telling us that “All New York is Amazed!” at the “Quickest and Most Successful Real Estate Development in the History of New York.”

“Think of Your Children,” growing up in “the Highest, Healthiest, Most Beautiful, Most Accessible, and Most Aristocratic Part of Westchester County.”

Harmon never let the facts get in the way of selling real estate, which explains why one ad says that “Every Lot” has “a River View.”

The Evening World, May 24, 1907
Harmon ad 6-14-1908
New-York Daily Tribune, June 14, 1908
The Evening World, June 22, 1907
New-York Tribune, April 17, 1921

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