Harmon Hats—Everybody Needs ’Em!

Harmon Hats ad Outdoorsman 10-1949

This ad for Harmon Hats appeared in the October 1949 issue of Outdoorsman magazine. For the “amazingly LOW PRICE” of $5.45 you could be the proud owner of a “zelan treated” 1 all-purpose sports hat with “genuine mouton ear-neck flaps to guarantee that extra protection.” Whether you ordered #7070—“ideal for mom, pop and the children”—or the #7071—for fishermen and hunters, with “an unbreakable visor”—you would be guaranteed “excellent fit and complete satisfaction . . . or your money back!”

Does anyone remember this bit of Harmon history? Are you the proud owner of a Harmon Hat?

  1. Zelan was an early Dupont water-repellant coating.

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