What’s Cookin’ at the Mikado?

Mikado Menu eBay a_e

Here’s a tasty bit of Harmon history, currently being offered on eBay. This vintage menu from the Mikado Inn features two Spring Lamb Chops for $1.50, Filet Mignon Mikado for $3.00 and a Porterhouse Steak for two for $5.00.

Just between us, I recommend the house specialty, Chicken or Beef Sukiyaki , “seasoned with Soyu Sauce served in a chafing dish with rice.”

Many thanks to the eBay seller who gave us permission to share this treasure. You can bid on it here.

Want to know more about what was cooking in the Mikado kitchen? See this previous post. Oscar Levant, the quick-witted pianist, composer, actor, author and quiz-show panelist was there, sharing “sleeping quarters with twenty or thirty Japanese waiters in the cellar.”

Click the image to enlarge it.
Click the image to enlarge it.

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