Visit to New Croton Dam—February, 1934

In the winter of 1934, members of the Bagley family of Peekskill made a visit to the New Croton Dam, recorded in this series of snapshots. Each has a penned inscription on the back and is stamped with the month and year. The photographs were recently acquired at an estate sale in Cortlandt along with other images of Peekskill, Bear Mountain Bridge, Camp Smith and more. We plan to post those images in the coming weeks.

If you’re a Crotonite, don’t miss the last image of the ice-covered rocks along Route 129. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? The Bagley family stopped their car to take the photo 87 years ago.

You can click on the images to enlarge them.

2 thoughts on “Visit to New Croton Dam—February, 1934

  1. Marc, Your latest picture discovery from Cortlandt is another excellent find. May I send the Rt. 129 picture to the Supt. of the Old Croton Aqueduct State Park? He would be interested int he wire strand fence on the roadside. We are discussing a fence for one side of the Keepers House in Dobbs Ferry that might mimic old fences used on the aqueduct. The twisted wire strands were used in some areas. That frozen waterfall is always one of my favorite spots on Rt. 129. I like the way nature changes the ice sculpture every few days. Looking forward to it this Winter. Tom Tarnowsky

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