Stagecoach, Sloop, Steamboat


These newspaper advertisements from the Hudson River Chronicle capture the transition from old to new forms of transportation along the Hudson River in the Croton area.


In the early 1800s stagecoaches and sloops were the main forms of transportation between New York City and Albany because there were few steamboats on the Hudson River.1 But by 1840 there were over one hundred steamboats and a decade after that the Hudson River Railroad opened, putting an end to the use of stagecoaches and sloops for most long distance commercial travel..

Collaberg was a 19th century name for the Croton area.

The Hudson River Chronicle was published in Sing Sing from 1837 until the 1860s and contains a wealth of information about the local area. The Ossining Historical Society generously granted access to one of their rare bound volumes so that these ads could be scanned. Visit their website at

  1. See Steamboats on the Hudson: An American Saga ↩

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