A Different View of the Double Arch

Double Arch circa 1925 French Hist Westhcester_619

In 1925, when Alvah P. French published his multi-volume History of Westchester County New York most of the photographs he included were contemporary, showing the county as it was in the 1920s.1 One can imagine a photographer, driving all over Westchester with a list of historic sites, stopping to take this unusual view of Ossining’s famous Double Arch. Is that the photographer’s car?

For more traditional images, see this post, celebrating the recent restoration of the Double Arch promenade.

  1. French left us more than his book. The Westchester County Historical Society has his “42 volumes of scrapbooks filled with clippings from Mount Vernon and other Westchester newspapers. The clippings, which cover the period from about 1880 until 1920, include obituaries, marriage notices, biographical sketches and other articles about the people of Westchester.” See the “scrapbooks” descriptions here.

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