Croton Water Parade Float, 1909

Post card of the Introduction of the Croton Water float in the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration parade in New York City.

New Croton Dam Cigarette Card

Will's Cigarettes card of the New Croton Dam. (ca. 1902-1917) Another card from the same company is here.

New Croton Dam Compared to the Flatiron Building, 1911

An informative graphic from the Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, October 7, 1911.

Croton Area in an Early NYC Transit Map, 1887-1890s

A detail from an early New York City regional transit map, made between 1887 and the 1890s. What's particularly interesting about this map is that it shows the "Quaker Bridge Dam," one of the possible locations for what became the New Croton Dam. In the late 19th century, when New York City was rapidly outgrowing … Continue reading Croton Area in an Early NYC Transit Map, 1887-1890s

New Croton Dam Cigarette Card

Card #33 in the Engineering Wonders series of cigarette cards, publishing in the United Kingdom by Will's Cigarettes.

Bowery Bridge below New Croton Dam

The wooden work bridge, built across the Croton River near today's Route 129. The bridge was used to move men and supplies from the docks at Croton Landing up to the New Croton Dam worksite. The buildings along the water were the small workers community known as The Bowery. Below is another view of the … Continue reading Bowery Bridge below New Croton Dam

Horse-drawn sleigh near the New Croton Dam

This beautiful photograph (circa 1908) is from the Keystone-Mast Collection at the California Museum of Photography, University of California at Riverside. The museum maintains the world's largest collection of original stereoscopic prints and negatives. The Keystone-Mast Collection represents the archive of the Keystone View Company of Meadville, PA, which was active from 1892-1963.

The New Croton Dam

A beautiful hand-colored post card of the New Croton Dam (aka the Cornell Dam) which, despite what the card says, is nowhere near Mt. Kisco.

Croton River Valley, Before & After

These engravings from the June 20, 1891 issue of Scientific American show before and after views of the Croton River, when the New Croton Dam was in the planning stages. The view is looking east, with Quaker Bridge (at that time a covered bridge) in the lower right. The tributary in the foreground going to … Continue reading Croton River Valley, Before & After

Croton Dam photographs by Clarence White

In April 1925, Clarence White, one of the founding members of the Photo-Secession movement, took a group of students to photograph at Croton Dam. The series of images he made incorporate the soft, diffused light of Pictorialism with the modern, abstract vision that interested him in his later compositions. He compiled his work from that … Continue reading Croton Dam photographs by Clarence White