The Lovers Bridge of Croton

Van Cortlandt Bridge Postcard 1_1800px

“This is Lovers Bridge of Croton so they say,” is written on the front of this early postcard (circa 1901-1907) of what was then officially called the Van Cortlandt Bridge. The photo shows the small section of what was originally called the Long Bridge, when it was first built in the 1860s to carry the Old Albany Post Road across the mouth of the Croton River, right by Van Cortlandt Manor.

The manor house is hidden in the trees on the right in the photo and the road curving off in the distance is South Riverside Avenue today, going by Shoprite.

Here’s a survey from 1871 showing the “Long Bridge.” The small section we see in the postcard is on the left, labeled “Bridge.”

Van Cortlandt Bridge_Carpenter_1871_72dpi
This detail from an 1871 survey of the mouth of the Croton River shows that at one point there was a drawbridge on the southern end of the Van Cortlandt bridge. The area in the river on the right marked with dotted lines was a channel for ships.

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